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Why Create A Strategic Plan?

 Why Create A Strategic Plan?

  •  It will bring structure to any activities or initiatives you may already have in play.
  •  It provides clarity. It establishes direction for the agency, and it will help sharpen the focus on how to get there.  It helps your agency to re-direct your efforts to develop the right strategic priorities, goals and objectives and helps focuses agency into meeting them.
  •  It is organic.  This is not a cut and paste process.  It truly addresses the unique dynamics of your agency and community.
  •  It is an important communication tool internally and outside the agency.  It improves communication by providing a clear mission, vision and goals that can be utilized in those community partnerships when you collaborate in problem solving and meeting certain goals.

I’m Tandra Ridgley and I look

forward to working with you.

I am the President of Ridgley Solutions, LLC Strategy Management Consulting. But, community advocate and community lobbyist are some of the hats I’ve worn in my past non-profit work. Now, as a community relations trainer, my aim is to broaden the perspective of those in law enforcement leadership. To galvanize and prepare them to take the necessary actions to a more productive relationship that will benefit all segments of the communities in which they live and serve. ​