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I'm Tandra Ridgley and I look
forward to working with you.

I am the President of Ridgley Solutions, LLC Strategy Management Consulting.  I assist law enforcement agencies address the challenge of creating strategic police/community relations solutions.  I assist in giving clarity and insight into the complex relations between police departments and the citizenry they serve.  I help them to define what their strategy should be, and to clearly detail their strategic execution.

For over two decades, I have engaged with numerous law enforcement agencies on critical issues of police/community relations, racial inequality, and diversity within police departments.  I have also been consulted upon for matters in law enforcement and local/state government matters.  

In my past non-profit work, I have served as a community advocate and community lobbyist meeting with legislators, and government officials to resolve community issues.  Now as a community relations consultant and trainer, I broaden the perspective of law enforcement leadership by imparting insights on police/community collaboration, legislative involvement and preventing racial tensions.  Your agency will benefit from my advocacy expertise as I instruct law enforcement leadership to take the necessary actions to a more productive relationship that will benefit all segments of the communities they serve.