Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations

Improving Police/Community Relations Through Strategy

Police departments are under increased pressure to adhere to legislative police reform measures, create community partnerships while meeting the public safety challenges of an ever-changing society. As law enforcement forges a new path in the climate of post George Floyd era, police agencies need a clear vision and plan to bridge the gap from where they are in community relations to where they want to be. Our consulting services provide an objective perspective of your agency’s community relations policies and practices. Through our comprehensive approach, we assist agencies to clearly define their priorities, and goals and assist them in creating a multi-year police/community relations strategy.


Strategic Solutions For Police/Community Relations
Most police departments do not have a police/community
relations strategy.
Many are under the impression that community events, functions and initiatives form a strategy. Ridgley Solutions, LLC brings over twenty years in police/community relations experience to law enforcement agencies to support them in reaching next level relations with their communities. Our extensive experience gives us an advantage to teach law enforcement leaders the elements needed to form and implement an effective strategic plan. We teach actionable steps to overcome long-standing social obstacles and build partnerships. Through in-person sessions, we impart insights on police/community collaboration and proactive intervention.
We assist law enforcement agencies to gain clarity in the vision they want to create for their community by teaching applicable measures that foster open and effective communication, accountability, and positive outcomes.




Identify invisible barriers that prevent nextlevel community relations.



Construct a roadmap from your current position in community relations and create a c...



Create a Police/Community Relations Strategy with clearly defined strategic prioritie...



Strategize an action plan for roll-out of strategic plan to internal and external sta...



Initiate agency training to align your organization for implementation.


Police/Community Relations Assessment
These services include objective evaluation/review of agency community relations policies, activities, prior trainings, surveys, and prior strategic planning
Consultation and Training Services
Ridgley Solutions offers consultation/training services in two formats: Signature Training Package or Single Day Event. These offerings are on-site, interactive, comprehensive instruction in specific areas of police/community relations for all levels of law enforcement.
Police/Community Relations Strategic Planning and Alignment
Working together, we will create a multi-year police/community relations strategic plan. We will review agency mission/vision, establish a framework of core values, and must have behaviors. We will create cohesive connection with agency vision and end goals and clearly define strategic priorities, objectives and identify implementation gaps within the agency.


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